What is it?

Diabetic corner is the first specialized space in the pharmacy, "dedicated" exclusively to people with diabetes.

Created and developed with a view to inform and meet the needs of people with diabetes. It offers's product solutions for the prevention and treatment of complications, control methods, adjusting and informing for the proper management of diabetes.

The goal of diabetic corner is the continuous improvement of the everyday life of people with diabetes for the achievement of a normal and creative life. 



Target Audience?

Diabetic corner is addressed to all the people who want to learn about diabetes and they are looking for specialized and reliable products for the prevention of complications but also for their effective management.

Especially in people who have:

  • diabetes (type I or II)

  • prodiabetes

  • the care of people with diabetes



What offers?

 Diabetic corner offers

  • Specialized products exclusively developed to meet the diverse needs of people with diabetes.

    • Food supplements

      • for the treatment of hypoglycaemia

      • to meet the special nutritional needs of nutrients

      • for the prevention and protection of ocular complications such as retinopathy

      • for the prevention and protection of the nerves from complications such as neuropathy

    • Skin Care Products

      • For the relief of the diabetic neuropathy symptoms

      • For the relief of fingertips from injuries due to regular lancing by frequent blood sugar measurements

      • for the prevention and treatment of skin imperfections such as the one of lipodystrophy

      • for the prevention and protection of diabetic foot

    • Medical devices

      • for painless insulin injections

      • for the proper and reliable measurement of blood glucose

      • for the proper management of diabetes for people on insulin therapy in order to avoid duplication or omission of their injections.

  • Informative events inside the pharmacy, for the continuous update of people with diabetes



Where to find it?

You can find the “diabetic corner” in selective pharmacies all over Greece

Look for the diabetic corner at the pharmacies with this special signage.


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