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Innovation in the regeneration
of the skin imperfections


COLIPEX® body cream contains a unique combination of active ingredients «3C-Elastargene»:

«3C» for Caffeine, Collagen) and L-Carnitine,
«Elastargene» for Elastin, the Arnica and Collagen.

  • The 3C-Elastargene has multiple action and beneficial effects:
  • Helps skin to maintain elasticity and smooths the skin.
  • It contains tannins which have astringent and decongestant action and improve the skin's ability to regenerate.
  • Has stimulating properties, moisturizes and offers freshness and elasticity.

COLIPEX® body cream is ideal for:

  • Prevention to avoid the appearance of alterations or if not possible, to prevent their recurrence in the same area.
  • Care to provide hydration and nutrition to the skin.
  • Protection to strengthen the skin in order to improve its normal function and appearance.
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