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Relieves and soothes
the sense of numbness


NEUBETIX® Roll-on soothes and protects the skin while it provides a the nourishment and moisture that are necessary to maintain the skin in healthy conditions.

Camphor has analgetic and anti-inflammatory properties and acts as antipruriting.

Vitis vinifera extract has powerful antioxidant properties and acts to the local blood microcirculation by creating a sense of decongestion where the pain discomfort is felt.

Menthol gives a feeling of freshness and immediate relief enhanced by the camphor action.

Capsicum frutescens resin contains capsaicin, with analgetic and anesthetic effect, specific for neuropathic pain.

The Roll-on action stimulates decongestion at the affected areas and offers relief during application.

Symptoms such as pain, burning, tingling, numbness, loss of sensitivity, are improved significantly as NEUBETIX® Roll-on provides an immediate relief in cases of sciatica, neuropathic pain and diabetic neuropathy.

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